FUR EEL HOME – 2 Refill

The FUR-EEL HOME refill is 2 pcs. replacement attachment for FUR EEL HOME BASIC.


Verfügbarkeit: 50 vorrätig

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FUR EEL HOME removes stubborn dirt such as animal hair, sand and fluff in no time at all. The FUR EEL HOME was specially developed for professional car cleaners to save time and energy when cleaning the interior of cars. The narrow nozzles can easily clean the cracks and corners inside the car. FUR EEL HOME is also ideal for all areas of the household. Clean furniture, floors, carpets, etc. much faster than with a normal vacuum cleaner nozzle. Fast & Efficient – Our patented and specially developed bristle technology is based on friction instead of increased suction power and is significantly faster than existing solutions! That’s why more than 120,000 satisfied customers who want to save time and trouble trust him with our products. EASY TO USE – The Fur-Eel is the perfect complement to FUREATER to effectively remove stubborn pet hair, sand and lint. The use is also super easy, so you can simply follow the enclosed instructions. SUSTAINABLE CLEANING – It is particularly important to us that our products are environmentally friendly. That’s why we use recycled products in manufacturing and are extremely energy efficient. In addition, the use of high-quality materials ensures a long service life. The product is made in Italy and complies with European standards.

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